"you can’t be a pansexual, you’ve only been in three relationships and they’ve all been with cis guys"

oh sorry i wasn’t aware i needed the eight pansexual badges before i was considered a pansexual master


You must travel across the land

Searching far and wide

Defeat the elite four to get the Quadgender badge and then defeat your rival the Bisexual

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highdie asked:
You are so fucking ignorant. If you are anti-Israel then you are anti-semitic, thats all there is to it. You think you're so humanitarian for siding with a terrorist organisation? Jews are being attacked, their businesses destroyed just like in germany in the last century. Fuck you, keep a homeland for the jews, we see what happens when there is none. If you don't like the west, if you don't like democracy, go fucking live in an arab country.


how are you gonna call me ignorant then say anti-israel is the same thing as anti-semitism AND then tell me to go fucking live in an arab country? like i have and gladly will again you islamophobic meconium stained gaping zionist asswipe. youre a joke. a fucking joke, you literally sided with communismkills on why obama being “”“”muslim”“” (lol yall still believe that?) makes him a bad president (i mean he is but islam isn’t the reason why).


and i am in love with your blatant anti-black racism. very appropriate for a gaga stan



don’t come back, schweetáy.



People are already getting excited about Halloween and by people I mean me

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Almost 9 in the morning I’m yanked out of bed hearing screaming at about the power going out. And of course- I was the one backed into the corner to pay it.

This is my parents bill.

Not mine. 

The electricity is the only thing keeping me connected to you guys and making me able to fulfill livestreams and commission work.

And if you remember correctly: This is the second time this has happened. I’m moving in 2 weeks and this has taken a not so lovely blow to my savings.



And I know I’m going to get people screaming at me about how I’m a stupid kid who’s bitching and moaning when people have it worse. 

I know that’s going to happen.

I am not asking for hand outs.

Please consider commissioning me, over here

Or checking out my redbubble store here.

Again: I’m not asking for hand outs. I would rather work for this.

Friendly reminder that this is the 2nd time that her parents have done this to her despite knowing how badly she needs this money

Friendly reminder that Maril is a super nice person who deserves to get away from the mess that is her family and that you should commission her if possible.

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